We are doing our best to make our patients feel no pain in all stages of treatment. Our specialists choose certain sort and dose of anesthetics during the procedure, according to the patients’ individual needs. In our perfectly equipped clinic we have the access to wide range of methods and medicines, thanks to which dentist appointment stops being the source of anxiety and stress.

The whole staff, participating in patient’s treatment is properly qualified and has certain experience, necessary for such types of procedures. It allows us to undoubtedly provide the highest standards of dental services supply, so as the client can feel fully satisfied.


Your comfort in 3G DENTIST clinic is assured by The WAND device, which provides computer operating systems of painless dosage of dental anesthetics.

Using this device, contrary to traditional methods of anesthesia which cause mimic muscles stiffness, patients do not experience face numbness. They can preserve facial movements all the time and are able to talk normally. This is because The WAND enables to anesthetize a specifically chosen area, e.g. one tooth. After the procedure, patients can easily return to his or her daily activities. The effect of stupefaction or body stiffness does not occur.

Additionally, 3G DENTIST clinic can provide complex pharmacological support during the treatment carried out by us.

Our patients’ comfort, before and after procedures, is our priority. That is why, just after treatment, whenever needed, our patient receives complete set of medicines which helps him or her with faster recovery.