Our clinic is equipped with the most recent device for computer controlled anaesthetics.
It enables us to resign from commonly used syringe with a needle. With the use of special methods and preparing patient for anaesthesia as well as application of the most modern computer controlled devices, we are able to anaesthetize patients totally without pain.

Computer controlled anaesthesia 1

Our methods work perfectly also while dealing with the youngest patients as well as with the patients suffering from dentophobia or hypersensivity to pain. Computer controlled anesthesia is possible thanks to the American device called The WAND, which enables us to implement regional anesthesia almost in every procedure.


Thanks to the presence of special sensor, functioning below the pain threshold is possible, which means that application of an anaesthetic this way is virtually painless. The WAND method works immediately and enables us to extensively control anaesthesia. Thanks to high effectiveness and great patients’ acceptance, computer controlled anesthesia is recommended especially for children and peoplesuffering from dentophobia, those who are afraid of dentist appointment, as well as for people particularly sensitive to pain.

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