Gnatology is a science of mandibular movements and resultant occlusal contacts. Occlusion is the way the upper and lower teeth connect together to form a bite. Occlusion affects the functioning of temporomandibular (TMB) joints. These are the joints responsible for the proper movement of the mandible.

If you noticed:

– clicking, popping or crepitus noises in the TMB joints
– difficulties in mouth opening due to limited range of mandibular movement
– pain during opening the mouth
– pain while eating
– pain elsewhere, such as teeth, ear or neck
– locking of the jaw or stiffness in the jaw muscles and the joints, especially present upon waking
– recurrent migraines
– morning sleep deprivation not related to short sleep time
– morning headaches.

These symptoms indicate that you may have problems with occlusion, bruxism or disorder of the temporomandibular joints. Gnatology deals with the diagnosis and treatment of those pathologies.

The Artex advanced articulator reconstructs the movement of the mandible, therefore gnatological problems can be accurately analyzed.

Artex articulator

Gnatology Artex

Diagnosis of TMB joints and occlusion problems

The most important is the diagnosis, which determines the methods of treatment. The treatment has to be multi-specialized and diagnosing often difficult. Dr Marek Woźniacki’s completion of both medical and dental studies gives him a perfect background for holistic approach and treatment of TMB joint problems and occlusion pathologies.
Diagnosis of joints and occlusion problems is necessary before orthodontic or implantological treatment.
A common problem associated with gnatology is sleep apnea often manifested by snoring. That is why we do not only deal with TMB diagnostics, but also refer our patients to treat apnea at ENT or sleap apnea specialist centers.

Bruxism is a parafunctional activity represented by jaw clenching or teeth grinding, most commonly occuring at night.
In our clinic, we have a modern device- Bruxoff, for bruxism diagnostics, that records the severity of the disfunction.
Bruxism is another element related to the problems of occlusion and dysfunction of the temporomandibular joints that has to be taken into consideration to confirm the right diagnosis.

To find out more about TMB joints, bruxism or occlusion problems, ask the specialist at 3G Dentist.