Straight and beautiful teeth are the dream of many of our patients. Fear of discomfort and possible complications accompanying the orthodontic treatment often dInvisalign methodiscourages them from putting on the braces. The INVISALIGN system was created as an alternative. This is the most modern method of orthodontic treatment with a rapidly growing popularity in the USA, Japan, Spain and many other developed countries. Recently introduced to the Polish market is an excellent alternative to traditional ways of treatment that will inevitably be replaced by it.


During traditional treatment with classic braces, the patients most often complain about the need to wear metal elements attached to their teeth. Braces do not look aesthetic, the proper oral hygiene is worse, they irritate the delicate mouth mucosa. The INVISALIGN method does not require any sharp metal objects in your mouth. Traditional metal braces can cause sensitization and even allergic reactions. In the INVISALIGN method, we do not have to worry about neither.

INVISALIGN method is a system of digitally planned and 3D printed transparent alligners that are put on the teeth. Made of a patented, thermoplastic material, they remain practically invisible during use. You take them off during eating and for washing and flossing the teeth. The alligners can be easly removed on special occasions like taking official photos or at the wedding. During INVISALIN treatment, the teeth remain healthy, clean and uncolored. Our patients save time, because oral hygiene is absolutely normal.


We are a certified dental practice eligible to treat patients with the INVISALIGN method. Thanks to the state-of-the-art 3D scanner, there is no need to take traditional, mass requiring, impressions. The 3D scanner allows us take digital impressions and pre-plan treatment in just a few minutes. The patient than can see on the computer screen can how the teeth would look lke after the treatment. Before the decision to start treatment is made, the patient knows exactly how long it would take and what effects should be achieved. When the treatment plan is accepted, INVISALIGN alligners are ordered, what is a guarantee of the achievement of the planned goal.

Due to the fully digital treatment planning, which is characteristic only for the INVISALIGN system, it is extremely safe and physiological. Forces acting on the teeth are gradually increased, the teeth are moved slightly at regular intervals, which is both effective, safe and practically painless. That is why the teeth remain healthy during treatment with INVISALIGN alligners. Traditional methods of treatment with a classic orthodontic appliance may result in a tooth rupture, root resorption or permanent white discoloration. Treatment with INVISALIGN alligners does not require numerous follow-up visits. Very often, only two or three control visits are enough during the entire treatment. That significantly affects the daily functioning and comfort of the patient. This method can be successfully offered to people who live permanently abroad and come to Poland only few times a year.

What about the alignerst?

At the very beginning, you may feel some discomfort and sort of the obstacle in your mouth. Usually that lasts for the first few hours after you put on brand new Invisalign alligner. This happens because the teeth are moving gently (by 0.25 mm/7-10 days or one alligner). The feeling of discomfort quickly disappears. Every day, the use of Invisalign alligners becomes more comfortable, also for people with the low pain threshold.
In addition, the Invisalign alligners do not change the way you talk – except for a short period of initial adaptation, during which you have to get used to wearing them. In the beginning, spoken sentences may be less pronounced. However, you can speed up the process of adaptation – by reading aloud or singing! This usually lasts for the first few hours immediately after starting the treatment.

What about foods and drinks?

When it comes to food, the Invisalign allihners have a huge advantage over typical braces, because during their use you can eat everything you like. You just need to remove the alligners before eating. Chewing gum is the only exception. It is inadvisable when the alligners are worn. Smoking cigarettes can cause yellowish coloration of the factory transparent orthodontic alligners. It’ s the same with drinking. When wearing the Invisalign alligners, you can normally drink cold or lukewarm, non-coloring liquids. Avoid hot drinks that may damage the thermoplastic alligner.

How to take care of the Invisalign alligners?

Alligners should be replaced every 7-10 days. There is no need to consult a doctor for that. A detailed plan with the dates of exchange of alligners is received by the patient at the beginning of treatment. Cleaning the Invisalign alligners is easy- clean it only with a soft toothbrush and then rinse it off under water. The product is available for all patients. Invisalign system may treat most of the bite defects, which are normally treated with the use of classic braces.

The total treatment time varies for different people and depends on the individual needs of the patient. On average, the therapy time is between 6 and 18 months. That period is affected by many factors, among other things, whether the patient follows exactly the doctor’s advice.

After treatment- retention

When the treatment with Invisalign alligners is finished, as well as in the case of the classic orthodontic braces, its effects should be preserved. A retention device is used for that purpose. It is used overnight for a few months following the Invisalign treatment. That way the teeth, straightened with the Invisalign alligners, remain permanently in the position and layout. Although it may seem like an unnecessary additional intervention, the systematic use of the retention device guarantees the success of the whole treatment.

4 millions of satisfied patients

The Invisalign device is a method that has been tried by many people around the world. It has been on the market for the last 20 years and is constantly beeing improved. It has been used successfully by over than 4 million patients, and this number is increasing every day. This is the only orthodontic method that is modernized and developed every single hour and with each patient’s case.

Our patients come to our clinic from Krakow and surroundings, as well as from many other places and countries like: