Private health care is one of the most important and appreciated working benefits. In 3G DENTIST clinic we are aware that in order for a project to be properly done, healthy and focused staff is required. That is why, 3G DENTIST company prepared dental benefit packages for the companies, enabling you to provide your employees with the highest quality of health care, perfectly suited for your needs and current company’s condition. Our services are organized in a way that you can implement them fast and most effectively.

Personel 3G Dentist

We offer a full range of dental and prosthodontic services.

Our offer includes:

  • subscription for dental treatment
  • discounts for companies
  • promotional packages for employees and their families
  • special discount vouchers e.g. for celebrations, anniversaries, etc.

All cooperation details will be settled individually, taking into account your needs.

Offer for companies

Provide yourself and your employees with professional dental service.

Contact us to receive an offer and get more details: