for children Dentistry

Children dentistry in 3G DENTIST clinic is our priority.

We are aware of the existence of deeply rooted fear among the youngest patients, caused by traumatic experience gained during dental procedures.

Our mission is to change this image of a dentist. To achieve this goal, we created dental care programme focused on our youngest patients.

Our programme includes:

  • First visits
    which the youngest can meet their dentist and treatment rooms. During such a visit the dentists prepares an individual prophylaxis of dental caries.
  • Prevention programmes
    during which the dentist conduct preventive procedures, which objective is to secure and increase general condition of oral cavity
  • Deciduous teeth treatment
  • Tooth brushing training
  • Special dental products created for the youngest
Children dentistry in 3G DENTIST clinic is our priority

During the first crucial visits in 3G DENTIST clinic, we will take care of our offspring in order to make them like working with us, and make the treatment a pleasant experience for them.

Personel 3G DENTIST clinic

We also provide special training for parents on what to do during their children’s deciduous and mixed dentition treatment.
The youngest patients visiting 3G DENTIST clinic can always rely on positive motivation, getting facilities for daily care of their oral cavities. Friendly atmosphere, special approach to children gives them sense of security. Colourful fillings used in our clinic may additionally encourage children to undergo dental procedures.