Our diagnostic imaging laboratory is equipped with the most modern diagnostic devices, thanks to which X-ray radiation dose is minimized.

In 3G DENTIST clinic decision about conducting an X-ray examination is always made after previous taking careful medical history. On the basis of interview, the dentist decides what kind of the image should be taken and which device to use. During every procedure, patient is protected with a lead apron.

Diagnostics 1
Diagnostics 2






We have one of the best equipped dental surgeries in Cracow. Thanks to our equipment we can offer full range of digital technology examinations. All of the procedures in 3G DENTIST clinic are conducted by the qualified staff with extensive experience.

In 3G DENTIST clinic, all of the photos taken by the seat are free for the patients during the treatment in our surgery.

We offer our patients off-hand:

  • Pantomographic X-ray (OPG)
  • cephalometric X-ray (lateral)
  • RVG
  • CT (computed tomography)
  • intraoral camera examination

as well as the following examinations:

  • bacteriological and mycological examinations
  • histopathological examinations (biopsies/segments).