CT scanning is about gaining 3D image.3D image of bone structures enables to diagnose our patients efficiently.

This process is entirely painless and non- invasive.Time of the examination is only a few seconds, and a result is ready in couple of minutes.The examination does not require any additional preparation of the patient.Our units assure minimizing radiation dose by 70-95% in comparison to regular CT devices.

Thanks to gained 3D visualizations, we can plan even most complicated procedures properly.

Computed Tomography gabinet

As a result of the possibility to generate any section of 3D image, we are able to measure teeth structure, maxillary sinus, nerves and vessels most precisely.These measures are the real ones (1:1). CT scanning is conducted especially with implant treatment and in case of rare pathogenic processes of lower or upper jawbone, temporomandibular joint and occlusion disorders.

Computed Tomography

In 3G DENTIST clinic we also conduct microtomographic examination, so the highest definition scanning which is extremely useful during many cases of endodontic treatment, so called root canal therapy.

Our laboratory is equipped with two tomography devices.Depending on medical indications and the aim of the treatment, we are able to choose the device, proper for certain treatment needs.This way we can take greatest care of our patients and guarantee our patients’ safety.

We are the only clinic in Cracow to possess the most recent digital i-Cat scanner.Thanks to this device we can immediately generate high resolution digital images, serving as 3D modelling.This device, as one of the few available on the market, enables to precisely analyze skull structure, temporomandibular joints, teeth in crestal bones in upper and lower jaws.