Endodontics is a very important and difficult field of dentistry for without a proper root canal treatment (endodontic) it is impossible to do any prosthodontic work on non-vital tooth.

Offered procedures:

  • Microendodontic and microsurgical treatment with dental microscope
  • The most recent techniques and materials
  • One-visit treatment
  • Endodontic retreatment
  • Removing of broken instruments and foreign bodies from the root canals
  • Restoration of root canals patency with ultrasounds
  • Perforation closure
Tools for root canal treatment

No compromises are allowed during such a complicated procedure. Our clinic’s team understand that perfectly, so they use only the most modern materials and devices.

During the procedures we use operating magnifying glasses with LED lights. Implementation of only the highest quality optic devices enables us to offer our patients a completely new quality of treatment.

Magnifying glasses with LED lights 2Magnifying glasses with LED lights

Broken instruments are removed and occluded root canals are made patent with an ultrasonic system. All these prosedures are usually conducted during one, maximum two visits.