Implant<br />treatment

Implants are considered the most effective and the most recent method of missing teeth completion. Thanks to implantation, the process of bone decay is visibly delayed. Additionally, thanks to implants it is unnecessary to grind the surface of teeth adjoining cavities, simultaneously resulting in fully satisfying effects, so that the completions are identical to natural human dentition.

Implant treatment

Any missing teeth and gaps in oral cavity can evoke both physical and psychical discomfort in patient, largely decreasing his or her standard of living. Implant-supported restoration is a long-term and fast way of solving those two problems naturally. Thanks to this procedure we assure natural look, proper dentition functioning, as well as healthy and beautiful smile.

Implants used in our clinic are usually small, properly shaped titanium elements, which mainly serve for replacing natural root. Implants are made only of the highest quality medical titanium, which assures the best durability and guarantees ideal adhesion to natural bone tissue. We clamp proper completion as prosthesis, crown or bridge, most often with use of modelled link.

The most important advantages of implant restoration are:

  • improved patient’s quality of life and providing him with full comfort;
  • no necessity to grind the adjoining teeth;
  • saving money – implants can serve till the end of one’s life;
  • no necessity to use denture adhesive;
  • stopping the bone decay process.

In 3G DENTIST clinic we use a few implant systems, such as:

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Implementing of various systems we are able to proceed implantation, depending on bones conditions, as well as to meet our patients’ possibilities.

Every implant procedure in 3G DENTIST clinic is covered by full guarantee.