Orthodontist deals with examining, preventing and treating occlusion defects, through correction of teeth arrangement with use of fixed or removable braces.

Crowded and crooked teeth are not only a cosmetic defect but also impaired possibility of maintaining correct oral hygiene. Poor hygiene means a higher risk of caries, periodontal diseases, and in extreme cases– gastrointestinal disorders.

Occlusion and maxillofacial defects treatment in children, adolescents and adults are an orthodontist’s priority.

Apart from improved appearance, the benefits of orthodontic treatment include delayed facial ageing, improved clarity of speech, easier teeth cleaning and also improved chewing quality.

Occlusion and maxillofacial defects treatment in children

Misaligned teeth are difficult to clean and they wear unevenly. They are associated with gingivitis and toothache. Finally, tooth loss occurs. Orthodontic treatment can prevent such problems. Chewing is the first stage of digestion and disturbances of this process have a highly negative effect on functioning of the gastrointestinal tract. The harder the gastrointestinal tract functions, the more rapidly it ages.