In 3G DENTIST company we offer our clients complex range of preventive procedures, securing and improving general hygienic state of oral cavity, within preventive treatment.

We offer inter alia procedures of:

  • scaling
  • sandblasting
  • fluoridation
  • whitening

We prepare individual extensive prevention programme for all of our patients. Experienced and trained staff, always ready to provide you with the profound information on the course of treatment, will watch over its execution during your whole stay in our clinic.

During the treatment, examination and preventive procedures, for the patient’s comfort and better understanding of the treatment we can use intraoral camera, thanks to which one can personally see his or her dentition.

Prevention in 3G DENTIST clinic

During the whole treatment period, in 3G DENTIST clinic we are able to keep photographic medical documentation, so that every patient can easily compare the effects before and after the procedure.

Within the treatment, we offer our clients free notice every 6 months, about next control appointments.

Qualified staff may chose individually suited hygienic packs for all of our patients, taking advantage of the preventive procedures, such as toothbrush, toothpaste and mouthwash.


There are many toothpaste and other dental hygienic products manufacturers available on the market. Our goal is to choose the products according to our client’s needs and preferences. It must be remembered that constant improper use of dental hygienic products can result in chronic inflammations and numerous side effects.

In case of any doubts concerned with procedures prices, appointments booking or details about the clinic’s functioning, we encourage you to send us your questions.