In 3G DENTIST clinic we offer the highest quality of services, comfort and a nice and discrete atmosphere. We approach each patient individually, providing him or her the best standards of our services. Our workers will eagerly answer your questions and book convenient time of the appointment. We will help everyone who is willing to take advantage of 3G DENTIST’s services.We can give support, find accommodation and organize spare time for those patients who stay in Cracow for a longer period of time to get treatment. Our team is always at your service

Contrary to other dental surgeries, our company is a cosy and discrete place. Our business is not a corporation. The whole treatment process is coordinated by the attending doctor, which enables you to have full access to the treatment course.

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We owe work ethics oriented towards our services quality as well as our patients’ needs to the longtradition of dental services supply.

Thanks to the way our clinic is equipped we can provide wide range of dental procedures and comprehensive dental treatment for patients of all age.

The most recent solutions and certified medical supplies, are a guarantee of superior safety, health and beautiful teeth.

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