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3G Dentist is a modern dental office dealing with all problems in the field of dentistry, located in the heart of the city of Krakow. The name 3G Dentist comes from the English phrase ‘3th generation’, meaning the third generation, referring directly to the owner of the clinic – Mr. Marek Woźniacki, who is the third generation of dentists in the Woźniacki’s family.

Treatments and dental procedures performed at the 3G Dentist clinic are aimed at both adult patients and children. Our offer includes a whole range of services related to the prevention of dental and periodontal diseases, as well as conservative treatment, endodontics, orthodontics and prosthetics (including treatment of temporomandibular joints and pathological clashes). For the youngest patients, we have prepared a set of adaptation visits to avoid stress and fear of the doctor, and special instructional visits, during which the hygienist will teach parents how to properly care for their child’s teeth.

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Children’s dentistry is a priority for us. At the 3G Dentist dental clinic in Krakow, we are aware of the deep-seated fear among the youngest caused by traumatic experiences during dental procedures. When the first child’s teeth appear, we should visit the dentist immediately. A children’s dentist should check the child’s teeth and interview the child and the parent about proper oral hygiene. The tips and advice of a children’s dentist will surely teach a toddler and his caring parents to properly care for their teeth, so the youngest will be able to enjoy a healthy and beautiful smile for a long time.


According to all regulations, an adult should attend a visit with a minor patient, i.e. his legal guardian. Thanks to such a document, you can authorize, for example, another person from your family, such as a sister, brother, uncle or grandmother.
If you are the parents or legal guardians of a minor over 16 years of age, you can authorize such person to make your dental visits at our clinic on your own without the need to show up, for example, at check-ups when you are at work.
Each patient who visits our clinic for the first time is required to fill in the Medical treatment card which will include all basic information about his health and contact information. Such a questionnaire can be completed with us before the visit, but you can also download it from the website, fill it in at home and bring it back when you come to the visit.

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"Alternatywne sposoby leczenia. Tak powinno być w każdym gabinecie."


"This place was amazing. A lifetime of dentist and this was hands down the best experience I’ve ever had. I love on the other side of the world but will make it a point to come to 3G for all my dental needs."


"I had a great experience at this office – getting a chipped tooth repaired. The staff was helpful, spoke excellent English (I am an ex-pat), and the tooth was repaired quickly and well done. I would recommend the office to anyone needing a dentist in the Krakow area."


"An excellent boutique, family-run dental clinic passed down through 3 generations (hence the name „3G”). Located on the 1st floor of an administrative building in a suburb of Krakow, the clinic has 2 dental chairs and a small room for minor dental laboratory work. A full radiology centre is located nearby, which they use for diagnostics. The main doctor and clinic manager speak fluent English as well as Polish. The core team consists of 2 doctors, with external doctors being brought in for specialist cases. Wifi is available and and small childrens drawing area. Recommended."

Monika Noster

"Pełen profesjonalizm świetne podejście do klienta elastyczność w umawianiu wizyt nic tylko umówić wizytę :) Z tego co mi wiadomo wciąż lepiej zadzwonić i potwierdzić wizytę. Na pewno mój dentysta na kolejna wizytę!"

Katarzyna Mazowszak

"Ostatnio byłam u doktora Woźniackiego i muszę powiedzieć, że znalazłam swojego lekarza! Doktor jest cudotwórcą, przyszłam z ogromnym bólem dolnego zęba, okazało się, że dolna piątka nadaje się do leczenia. Po wizycie ból minął, ząb został wyleczony. Polecam!"


"Jestem zachwycona! Od dziecka wizyta u dentysty była dla mnie koszmarem. Od pierwszej wizyty u Pana doktora wszystko się zmieniło. A można powiedzieć, że zaczęło się z wysokiego c – leczeniem kanałowym. Pełny komfort, spokój o fachowość :)"

Karol Mucha

"Świetny lekarz. Od jakiegoś czasu chodzę do niego na przeglądy i uzupełnianie ubytków. Jestem bardzo zadowolony. Przy okazji otrzymałem informację o najważniejszych zasadach pielęgnacji zębów. Doktor jest sympatyczny i ma dużą wiedzę."