Children's dentistry is our priority. In the clinic 3G Dentist in Krakow we are aware of the existence of deep-seated fear among the youngest, caused by traumatic experiences during treatments dental. When the baby's first teeth appear we should report him to the dentist immediately. Dentist for children should check the child's dentition and conduct an interview with the child and parent regarding proper oral hygiene. Tips and advice from the dentist children will certainly be taught to the toddler and his caring people parents with proper dental care, keeping the baby on will be able to enjoy a healthy and beautiful smile for a long time.

A good dentistfor children

All of the parents are looking for a good dentist for children. A pediatric dentist should not only be a good specialist, but should also have a good approach to children and patience with young patients. The mission of the 3G Dentist dental clinic in Krakow is to change the perception of tooth treatment in children, so that they do not associate a visit to the dentist with stress and discomfort. Especially for this purpose, we have created a dental care program for children. In our offices, the youngest patients are the most important. Based on many years of experience in pediatric dentistry, we have prepared an adaptation program, so young patients will enjoy visiting the dentist.

Pediatric dental clinic program plan:

• The first adaptation visit - during the visit, the hygienist will tell the child about the equipment in the office, about dental procedures, and will introduce the dentist and the clinic staff. During the first visit with the child, we usually do not start treatment, but introduce the child to the office and conduct an initial conversation about methods of maintaining oral hygiene. Then an individual plan for the next visits is also established.
• During subsequent visits, the hygienist performs minor hygienic, prophylactic or therapeutic procedures, such as tooth polishing, removal of tarnish, varnishing, and sealing. The type of treatments depends on the needs and cooperation of the child and the initial dental check-up. If necessary, the child is immediately made an appointment to see a dentist.

The purpose of a well-conducted adaptation visit is to familiarize the youngest patient with the office, allow him to see the doctor and hygienist, and then, if necessary, to start the appropriate treatment.

Children's dentistrySurgeon

An adaptation visit is aimed at eliminating a situation during which a treatment visit, carried out without proper preparation, exposes the child to stress and evokes negative associations and emotions. Remember that a visit to a dental surgeon is particularly stressful for a child - a child should be specially prepared for it. Surgical treatment of teeth in children does not have to be associated with pain, however. Modern techniques of surgical treatment and local anesthesia for children make it possible for the dentist to perform painless procedures. Each anesthetic is individually selected for the child. Anesthesia is used only when it is really necessary - incl. during dental surgery procedures. A dentist's consent to the use of anesthesia on a child is required.

Price list

Consultation 25 minutes

zł 120.00

Consultation 45 minutes

zł 180.00

Treatment visit 25 minutes

zł 180.00

Tooth sealing

zł 140.00


zł 180.00

Filling in a milk tooth

zł 165.00

Extraction of a milk tooth

zł 190.00

The 3G Dentist dental clinic in Krakow offers:

Adaptation visits

Treatment of deciduous teeth (milk teeth)

Teaching how to clean your teeth

Special materials designed for the youngest

Preventive programs, during which the doctor performs preventive treatments aimed at protecting and improving the general condition of oral hygiene