Patientsfrom abroad

The 3G DENTIST company has been operating on the Krakow market since 2010.

Since then, we have managed to obtain a huge number of satisfied patients both from Poland and abroad.

Unlike other places, we follow tradition, an intimate atmosphere, the highest quality and an individual approach to each of our patients.

Our mission is to ensure that each patient is surrounded by professional service, which is why we provide absolute discretion to each of them. Our goal is to ensure complete satisfaction with the dental services of people who come to us.

We offer to all users of our services:

Convenient access from the airport to our clinic in less than 30 minutes

We make every effort to ensure that people from outside our country feel at home with us.

Constant contact by phone and e-mail with our employees

Our employees will be happy to answer any questions you may have, also in English.

Location in the heart of Krakow

Fantastic access makes us closer than it may seem and the language barrier is not a problem for us.

Free communication in English

For people staying abroad permanently, we will be happy to prepare an estimated treatment plan after sending a panoramic X-ray image by e-mail or traditional mail. We will also try to make a treatment plan for you.