3D scanner

Dental scanner - iTero:
Thanks to the iTERO Scanner, there is no longer any need for traditional impressions. This is a great solution for people who have a gag reflex or simply do not tolerate taking classic impressions at the dentist's office very badly. The digital method is the most comfortable for the patient. Even delicate teeth or teeth of people with periodontal diseases will remain in their place after such an examination.
Impressions in the digital version can be made many times and thus we can observe:
• progress in orthodontic treatment
• changes that take place in our teeth over the course of months or years.

Thanks to the iTERO scanner, within a few minutes you can see the effect of orthodontic treatment in our case. Its unique software in conjunction with the INVISALIGN system can visualize the changes in the settings of our teeth that are possible. In addition, we can make changes in line with our expectations to see what our dream smile will look like. On the basis of one digital scan, many simulations are performed, taking into account different treatment options.
Additionally, the patient may receive a proposed treatment via e-mail. He can then, without rush, view the expected results of orthodontic treatment at any time, and also get to know the INVISALIGN system in detail or ask the attending physician if in doubt. what we want and can achieve with orthodontic treatment before it begins. When we are satisfied with the effects of the planned treatment, we can immediately start the INVISALIGN treatment process.
People who are undergoing INVISALIGN orthodontic treatment at the 3G DENTIST clinic have periodic free checks with the iTERO scanner for precise process control and treatment safety.
Thanks to the iTERO Timelaps function, teeth grinding patients can observe the progressive changes in their dentition and predict their progression. The scans performed can be an indispensable source of information in the event that the reconstruction of damaged teeth is needed.
The iTERO intraoral scanner can also be used to plan prosthetic treatment. 3D impressions made with it are used to make crowns and bridges.
Dental scanner - iTero:
Advantages of scanning teeth with the iTero scanner:
Advantages of scanning teeth with the iTero scanner:
• no need to use an impression material
• no need to repeat the impression
• durability of the impressions made over time and easy storage
• safe for patients with periodontal diseases, who are at risk of damaging the tooth during taking a classic impression
• faster transfer of the impression to the laboratory and thus the performance of the service in a shorter time.

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