Invisible orthodontic aligner - Invisalign
Beautiful teeth are the dream of many of our patients. They are often discouraged from putting on braces, because they fear many discomforts and possible complications associated with orthodontic treatment. In response to this, the Invisalign system was created. It is the most modern method of orthodontic treatment, which in the USA, Japan, Spain and many other developed countries is slowly becoming the basic method of orthodontic treatment. Recently also introduced on the Polish market, it is an excellent alternative to traditional forms of treatment, which will inevitably be superseded by it.

During traditional treatment with a classic orthodontic appliance, patients most often complain about the necessity to wear orthodontic brackets glued to their teeth. Braces do not look aesthetically, they hinder hygiene, irritate and injure the oral cavity. The Invisalign method does not require any sharp or injuring metal elements to be glued to the teeth. Traditional metal orthodontic brackets can cause allergies. Due to their lack in this technique, we don't have to worry about it either.

Invisalign technology is a system of digitally produced transparent overlays that are worn over the teeth. Made of a patented, thermoplastic material, they remain practically invisible during use. They can be removed when eating and for brushing and flossing teeth. There are also no obstacles to take them off in special circumstances, e.g. for a photo or for special occasions such as a wedding. Therefore, during treatment with the Invisalign method, the teeth remain healthy, clean and not discolored. The patient does not waste time on additional duties related to oral hygiene.

We are a certified office that can treat the Invisalign method. Thanks to the state-of-the-art 3D scanner, you do not need to take impressions with a traditional impression material in our clinic. The 3D scanner allows you to take virtual impressions and pre-plan the treatment in a few minutes. On the computer screen, you can then see what our teeth will look like after the correction of the defect. Before deciding to start treatment, the patient knows exactly how long it will take and what effect will be achieved. When he accepts the treatment plan, Invisalign overlays are ordered, which guarantee the achievement of the planned goal.
Invisible orthodontic aligner - Invisalign
Aesthetic and invisible orthodontic appliances
Aesthetic and invisible orthodontic appliances
At the very beginning, for the first few hours after putting on the new Invisalign aligner, you may experience some discomfort and a feeling of obstruction in your mouth. This is due to the fact that the teeth move slightly (by 0.25 mm per one overlay), but this impression disappears quickly. Every day use of Invisalign aligners ensures comfort, also for people with a low pain threshold.

In addition, Invisalign braces do not change the way you speak - except for a short pre-adaptation period, during which you have to get used to wearing aligners. At first, the sentences you utter may sound less clear. However, you can speed up the adaptation process - by reading aloud or singing! This usually continues for the first few hours just after starting treatment.

When it comes to food, Invisalign overlays have a definite advantage over typical braces, because you can eat anything while using them - you only need to remove them before a meal. The exception is chewing gum, which is inadvisable when the aligners are worn, and smoking, as it may cause unsightly discoloration of factory-invisible orthodontic appliances. It's the same with drinking. While wearing Invisalign aligners, you can normally drink cold or lukewarm, non-staining liquids. Hot drinks should be avoided as they can distort the thermoplastic cap.

How do I care for my Invisalign braces?

The aligners should be replaced every 7-10 days. There is no need to consult a doctor for this. The patient receives a detailed plan with the dates of replacement of the dies at the beginning of treatment. Cleaning the Invisalign aligners is child's play - just brush them with a toothbrush and rinse under water. The product is available to all patients - with the Invisalign system it is possible to treat almost all malocclusions that are normally treated with a classic orthodontic appliance with brackets glued to the teeth.

The total duration of treatment varies from person to person and depends on the individual patient's needs. The average duration of therapy varies between 6 and 18 months. How long the pads are worn depends, among other things, on whether the patient follows the instructions given by the doctor exactly.

When treatment with Invisalign overlays is finished, just like in the case of a classic orthodontic appliance, its effects should be fixed. A retention apparatus is used for this. It is used at night for several months after wearing the orthodontic overlays. Thanks to it, the teeth straightened by the overlays remain permanently in the given position and arrangement. While this may seem like an unnecessary additional intervention, the systematic use of a retention device is a guarantee of successful treatment. Invisalign braces are a method that has been tried by many people around the world - having been on the market for 20 years and constantly improving. More than 4 million patients have used it with success, and this number is growing every day. This is the only method that is updated and developed every day.

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