Prevention / Prophylaxix

3G Dentist's offer as part of prophylaxis
Throughout the treatment period at the 3G Dentist clinic, we keep photographic documentation of the case, so each patient can easily compare the effects before and after the procedure. As part of preventive measures, we offer our patients a complex set of treatments that protect and improve the general condition of oral hygiene. We prepare an individual dental prophylaxis program for each patient using our services.

For each patient using our services, we prepare an individually selected, comprehensive dental prophylaxis program. Its implementation throughout your stay in our clinic will be supervised by experienced and trained staff, ready to provide comprehensive information on the course of treatment at any time. During preventive treatments, for the comfort and better understanding of the dental treatment process by the patient, we can use an intra-oral camera, which allows you to see your teeth. As part of diagnostic tests, we also perform pantomographic x-rays and cephalometric images.
3G Dentist's offer as part of prophylaxis
Hygienization is the key to oral health
Hygienization is the key to oral health
Brushing and flossing your teeth is not enough to effectively remove scale, deposits or discoloration. In order to ensure proper prophylaxis of the oral cavity and take care of its proper condition, you should visit the dentist's office for professional hygiene treatments at least every 6 months. Thanks to this, we can maintain a beautiful and healthy smile and avoid serious consequences related to improper dental hygiene or the lack of it, e.g. the development of caries, bleeding gums.

Professional oral hygiene includes:
- scaling - removal of calculus above and below the gingiva
- sandblasting - removing sediments and discoloration
- polishing - smoothing the tooth surface
- fluoridation - strengthening the teeth and enamel and reducing the feeling of hypersensitivity

It is worth remembering that the accumulation of scale and sediment can largely contribute to the formation of cavities. If left unremoved, they promote the formation of caries, cause bad breath, cause tooth sensitivity and bleeding gums. Many people still ignore basic oral care routines. However, it is worth knowing that thanks to them you can significantly improve the health and aesthetics of your smile.

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