Fiberglass inlays, crowns, bridges
Fiberglass inlays are mainly used after root canal treatment. Their purpose is to strengthen a very damaged tooth. We glue inlays fixed on a special cement into specially drilled holes in the tooth canal. We rebuild the tooth crown one by one so that it resembles a tooth in shape.
Strongly damaged teeth, which have been reinforced with a fiberglass insert, are often qualified for crowning, ie they must be covered with a prosthetic crown.
The doctor grinds the previously reconstructed tooth in order to be able to take an impression with a special mass and send it to our laboratory. At the visit, we also choose the color of the final prosthetic work, the color is determined with the patient.
In the laboratory, the technician who will make the crown, casts models that will be used to perform the prosthetic work.
made, it returns to our office and at the next visit we try on the made crown. If the patient accepts the work (shape, color), then we start cementing it. After sticking, the doctor adjusts the bite crown so that the patient can enjoy using it.

The main purpose of bridges is to replace the missing tooth. The doctor grinds two or more adjacent teeth so that the power to apply prosthetic work to them. He also takes impressions, selects the color and passes them to the technician. After the technician has prepared the prosthetic work, it is ready to be placed. The work includes expenditure on polished teeth and a missing tooth, the so-called span. Like a crown, bridges are set on cement. The final step is to adjust the prosthetic work to the bite.
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Fiberglass inlays, crowns, bridges
Dentures, veneers, inlays, overlays
Dentures, veneers, inlays, overlays
At 3G Dentist we also make dentures. During the consultation visit, you will be able to find out what type of prosthesis we can offer, so that you are as satisfied as possible with the solution.
To be able to perform this type of prosthetic restoration, we need to take an impression and send it to our laboratory.
Usually we need 4 visits for the prosthesis.
The first visit where the impressions are taken.
The second visit, where the occlusal height is determined and the color of the teeth in the denture is selected.
The third visit, where we try on the denture made of dental wax (see teeth are set), the patient has the opportunity to see what the final result will look like and make corrections (if any are needed).
The fourth visit, during which we give prosthetic work.

Veneers are intended to aesthetic improvement of the appearance of the teeth.
Veneers - characterized by the fact that they are glued only to the front, face part of the tooth. The tooth is ground minimally at the front of the tooth. Impressions are taken and the color is selected. The impressions go to the technician who prepares the prosthetic work. After the prosthetic work returns to our office, an appointment with the patient for the placement of the prosthetic work is arranged. Veneers are cemented on a special dental cement.

Inlays, overlays - these are prosthetic restorations that also require grinding the tooth depending on its destruction. The taken impressions and the selected color are handed over to the technician who will perform the restoration.
During the visit to the office, work is placed on a dental cement and adjusted to the bite.
Inley - is ground in the chewing part of the tooth.
Overley - is ground in a little larger part of the tooth, without interfering with the soft tissues of the tooth.

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