X-ray (RTG)

Panoramic, cephalometric image
panoramic X-ray
The pantomographic image (the so-called panorama) is performed as the basic diagnostics in dental treatment of patients in our 3G Dentist clinic in Krakow.
The panoramic image of the teeth gives a detailed picture of the condition of the individual structures of the dental arches and the mandible. Pantomographic X-ray should be performed at the first stage of dental diagnostics. It provides a lot of necessary information about the condition of the teeth, which is important in the further treatment process. Correct diagnosis of the problem is the basis for a good diagnosis of the disease and implementation of appropriate treatment, which is why pantomographic and cephalometric examinations are so important.

Pantomographic X-ray - test characteristics
The use of a digital detector guarantees the highest quality of photos with the minimum dose of radiation. Additionally, the pediatric program makes it possible to reduce the dose of pantomographic x-ray in children by 40%. The digital x-ray image of the tooth is obtained immediately, and the result is stored electronically and is easily archived and available without any loss of quality - unlike old analog examinations. The results can be provided to the Patient in the form of a medical digital printout on film, CD or sent by e-mail. Taking a pantomographic image of the teeth is painless and does not require special preparation from the patient. On its basis, the dentist plans further examinations.
Panoramic, cephalometric image
Computed tomography, microtomography
Computed tomography, microtomography
Computed tomography
Dental tomography is based on obtaining a 3D image. The three-dimensional image of bone structures allows for more effective diagnosis of our patients.
The process of computed tomography of the teeth, maxilla and mandible is completely painless and non-invasive. The entire test takes just a few seconds, and the result is ready in a few minutes. The examination does not require any additional preparation by the patient. Our devices provide a reduction of the radiation dose by 70-95% compared to conventional CT devices.
Thanks to the obtained three-dimensional visualizations, we can properly plan even the most complex treatments.

Computed tomography of the teeth, maxilla and mandible
Due to the possibility of generating any cross-sections of the obtained 3D image, we can most precisely measure the structures of teeth, maxillary sinuses, nerves and blood vessels. These measurements are real measurements (1: 1) We perform CT examination especially in implantological treatment and in the case of rare diseases of the jaw bones, treatment of temporomandibular joints and occlusion disorders.

3D tomography of teeth
At the 3G DENTIST clinic, we also perform a microtomographic examination, i.e. scanning at the highest resolution, which is extremely useful in many cases of endodontic treatment, i.e. the so-called root canal treatment.
Our laboratory is equipped with two tomographic devices. Depending on the indications and the purpose of the examination, we can select the appropriate device for specific treatment needs. In this way, we can ensure the highest quality of examination and guarantee the safety of our patients. We offer maxillary, tooth and mandible tomography at a favorable price.
As the only company in Krakow, we have the most modern i-Cat digital computed tomograph. Thanks to this device, we can instantly take very high-resolution digital photos for 3D modeling. This device, as one of the few currently available on the market, allows with perfect precision to simultaneously analyze the structure of the skull bones, temporomandibular joints and teeth in the alveolar processes of the maxilla and mandible.

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