Spark -Advanced Full

Spark's transparent aligners have many advantages. One of them is clearly the method of treatment and contact with the orthodontist. Every week, the patient, by changing the aligners on his own at home, for the next ones from the series, somehow activates the treatment himself. In the traditional method, the patient has to go to the doctor so that the doctor will "activate" the apparatus for the next treatment period. With Spark treatment, such visits to your doctor may be online, or even every 2-3 months.

Advanced plan is the Comprehensive equivalent of Invisalign. It is "the most comprehensive" Spark solution. It is a treatment plan focused on the patient's needs, even with a very advanced malocclusion. In this case, the number of aligners is unlimited. However, remember that the number of aligners depends on various factors. Therefore, the best way to find out how many of them will be right for us is an orthodontic consultation with an orthodontist.